What is love?

Emotion? Physical? Spiritual? All three? None?

I’ll give you a hint…..you get to decide. The only thing you have in this world is choice. Understand that you have chosen everything in your life. Oh, I know many of you will rail against this idea with words like “I didn’t choose to break my arm!” “I didn’t choose to get raped.” “I didn’t choose to get cancer!”. As a matter of fact you did. I’ll let that sink in while your rage and incredulity expands with that sentence.

Now, if you have been paying attention to my posts you should have an idea of what I mean and where that statement came from. The first thing I’ll say is “What level was that choice made at?” (Re-read this to get the Level idea). I’ll then state that: Of fucking course no one would consciously ask to get cancer (or whatever bad experience) but let’s clear some things up.

At the physical level, you are correct. You didn’t ask for any of the bad things. At the emotional level you simply cannot ask for such things. That leaves the spiritual level, which so many people leave out. The “marginally more enlightened” people put the burden on “God” which is a kind of blame game for them. Those who truly see things know that you’re soul is much wiser and choose to be born to have certain experiences here. There is no good/bad experiences. There are just experiences. Your soul is immortal, the body is not.

Everything that had happened to you is of your own doing. You will take these experiences, learn from them and next time around, you will be wiser.

“But I want my enlightenment now!”

Yes, yes you do….and going back to want….you got exactly what you asked for already. Congratulations!

Now, have you chosen Love today? If so, on what level?



I really do believe that life is all about experiences. Indeed they shape who we become and once that is realized, you begin to understand what control you have and that you can change who you are at any given moment. This scares people. If we can change who we are, then why bother having experiences? How do we define ourselves? Why bother doing anything if you can change it?

The answer will be obvious once you contemplate theses things. In fact, just knowing this will change your life regardless if you accept this fact or not. For change is the only thing that is constant in our lives. Those who embrace change are free. Those who embrace change are truly at the forefront of life and growth. To embrace change is to embrace fear. Change cannot happen without fear. Fear is the part that works hard at keeping you safe. Fear is a necessity but only you can choose when fear serves you or hinders you. If you live by fear alone, then fear does not serve you. If you claim to live without fear, then fear also does not serve you when it should.

Use fear and make it serve your bidding.

Walk where others fear to tread

How many times have you heard that most people live “a life of quiet desperation”? Maybe you even know this yourself on a deeply intimate level? I’m willing to bet that most of you deny this about your own lives, on a daily basis.

Tell me, what is stopping you? You waiting for some miracle to jump out at you? Or waiting for the money to be there? Maybe you are waiting for someone to do something? I suggest you re-read those questions and find the common theme for the answer. “You”.

There is nothing out there for you to wait for. Your ducks will never be in a row and you want to know why? Because you are waiting. Have you never noticed that ducks are only ever in a row when they are moving! Waiting is not moving. Get your ass in gear!

Damn straight it’ll scare you to make a move. You will always miss 109% of the shots you don’t take. Nothing will ever happen while you wait. Nothing.

If you knew my life, you’d see I have not been idle. Sure it has taken a while to start to see the things I needed to see. Sure things have not turned out the way I expected. I am ever grateful for all my experiences and I am once again upsetting the status quo of my life to allow new changes in. Too long have I sat still. I have been greatly rewarded for this decision. I have been shown a vision of what can be. A vision of things that are possible.

It is strange. I never knew how much I simply missed praise for being who I am. It had been a long time with not a single sincere compliment was given to me. When it did happen I was actually shocked. “Really? You think that of me?” ran through my head. Well if that person thought so, then there must be others?

“I’m a human being, God Dammit! My life has value!”

– Howard Beale, Network(1976, movie, watch it!)

Find those that lift you up. People who add value to your life. The special ones that you can trust. They will show you the way, directly or indirectly. Cherish them.

With such close souls, you will not have fear in anything you do.

Who are you?

To me, this is the single most important question that could ever be asked, ever be considered and hardest one to answer.

What answer can you give that does not use words which rely on other things to define them? For example, “I am a mechanic.” No, no you are not. You work as one, you have skills as one, but if you look up the up the definition if one, I do not see you’re picture there.

“I am a mother.” No, again you are not. You are in the role of a mother but your picture does not grace the pages of the Oxford Dictionary.

“I’m a human being.” Ooooh, now we are getting close but still, how true is that statement? After the first two examples does that statement hold true.

Do you know who you are?


That feeling you’ve seen something before.  Not to be confused with “Deja-rue”(I’ve been down this road before) or the more famous “Deja-moo”(I think I’ve seen that cow before).

I’ve heard many explanations, like it’s just your brain seeing information in the wrong order.  Yet the ones I have experienced have been nothing short of mind-blowing at times.  They range from “that is awfully damn familiar” to the feeling that I literally just walked into my body.

Some claim prescient.  I look at them as metaphysical road signs that I am on the right track.  There was never any consistency or regularity with my experiences.  They just happened whenever.  I can’t even remember when the last one happened and I’ll probably never get around to writing them down.  I just go by what my intuition says when they happen.

For me, when they do happen, I feel like I literally just walked into my body. Not as in bumped into but as in I just spiritually made a physical connection to it. Like I just put on a wetsuit but more like pushed into it. The more aware of this sensation, the stronger the meaning I believe.

Still, something to note and watch. Patterns tell all.

We are all connected

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that phrase a million times and barely gave it a passing thought outside if the usual New Age/Hippie bullshit right? Let’s see about that.

I met a new person a few months ago. We get along so damned well that people wonder if we are related. Our humour, our mannerisms all mesh. It’s like we’ve known each other for years yet it’s only been months. This is connection. No one would be confused upon seeing us. We’ll be good friends forever I think.

Or how about when you work on a project with someone and the end result just is perfect? I had an idea for a logo but could not draw it. I brought it to a graphic designer and not only did that person hit the nail exactly on the head, the subtle improvements that were added just sent it over the edge in how True that image was. Connection.

What about when you meet someone and within a few exchanged messages/chats you feel you can tell anything about them. Like the knowledge is instinctive. You kind of don’t want to believe that it’s happening yet there it is. It that perfect combination. Two people who have experienced things in their lives that despite their vast differences, they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle piece. One simply cannot ignore such things. Indeed you’ll find your thought being more and more preoccupied by this “other you”. If your perspective is on the wrong level, the connection won’t last. You can usually tell this by how long the initial connection takes. Being smitten is one thing…..having their very thoughts/spirit occupy your very core is quite another. If you are just smitten, then the connection is limited in level and by default, limited in strength and will eventually fall apart while you wonder “what went wrong?”

Absolutely nothing went wrong. The relationship ran it’s course based on how it was started. Somethings this happens when sometime recognizes the difference. Sometimes it happens when as person grows while the other does not. When the gap in growth gets to a certain level, the relationship breaks down. It no longer “works”. No one is at fault. This is that one major constant on life that you can count on….change.

What have you notice changing lately?

“No, no, no….you doing it all wrong son!”

The title is probably one of my favorite lines from Foghorn Leghorn.  In this world, there is only perspective that people choose.  Well most, some see farther than others.

Perspective is merely how YOU see something.  Take something as basic as right and wrong. Is it wrong to steal?  Many would say yes.  What about the kid who sees his parents suffering and steals a loaf of bread to help his family?  Is it stilll wrong?

“of course it is.  It’s a different situation.”

No it’s not.  The act is the same but now you have changed your perspective.  Apply the same thing to killing and you are in the same loophole.  There is no right or wrong.  There is no good/bad.  There is only perspective.

You might even just call it an opinion.  So the next time someone says you’re wrong, use the famous “well, that’s just like…your opinion man.” from The Big Lebowski.  I find it interesting that this particular phrase is popular.  Signs of another one of those universal truths.

Seen any universal truths yourself lately?

You are not on the level

There are 3 basic levels on which you can talk about for any given subject. Physical, mental, spiritual.

The first, and most obvious, is the one we know the most. This means when you are talking with someone you take everything at “face value”. Funny how our language mimics life in it’s true form huh? At this level there is only one consideration. What you see. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck!

The mental level gets much more interesting. This is the level where you begin to be more discerning. Things like “Wait. What’s a duck doing in my living room? Am I dreaming?” You start paying attention to details. You try to analyze things, take them apart and see what makes them tick. The vast majority of scientists and hackers reside in this realm.

Then there is the spiritual level. This can be likened to being an observer of events. Where you “step outside of your situation and look at it as if you were completely detached, or rather attached in a much grander scale. Here you can see yourself arguing with someone and take notes in how things interact. Subtle things that become blindingly obvious but get completely missed on the previous levels because they can only deal with their own levels.

The spiritual level is easily identifiable when you are in a deep conversation with someone and they say something that just stops you dead in your tracks. You are whacked in the head with a sudden sense if profound meaning. A Truth is spoken and it’s like a gong going off in your soul.

Another way is to realize that everything on any given level had a mirroring aspect on another level. For example meta-learning. This is where you learn how you learn while you are learning! It is the mental equivalent of being a spiritual observer.

On a physical level such mirroring is different but still the same in essence. Here you would use terms like macro-scale and micro-scale. The planets in our solar system rotate around our sun. Our little galaxy rotates around the Milky Way galactic core. Our atoms circle around a nucleus. These are no small coincidences.

So as a reasonably enlightened person, I would say physical, mental, spiritual. Someone who has a greater affinity for the mental might use point/vector/plane while a person devoted to religion might use father/son/holy ghost. Nicola Tesla liked to use  ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy,frequency and vibration.’

Which do you use?


I want more money.

I want more vacation.

I want some peace and quiet!

No problems. There, your thoughts have been answered. Feel better?

“but i don’t have any more <insert any want>!” you say.

Of course you do. Your wish/prayer/desire has been answered exactly like you requested. Let me ask you this. When you say “I run to the store.” or “I play with my friends” what is the active verb? Run and play obviously. When you say “I want X” your active verb is want and you get exactly what you ask for….more WANT! This applies for “don’t want” equally. Your words define your reality. Words have power.

For months I have been envisioning myself with a new partner. For the longest time I pictured myself with someone who at least lived close to me. The problem with that was I had a focus that was just a little skewed to something that was not true to my soul. Believe me, I was quite creative in my envisioning but it really only amounted to a teenage desire for sex because of the particular focus of my intention. If all that it took was pure desire, then every single teen would be having sex with the prom queen/Ms <insert state name > pageant winner/any shirtless fireman from the calendar.

Your thoughts define your reality.

Now my next sentence is gonna piss you off. You asked for your situation. What does this say about your own current situation? It says exactly what you see. You asked for the exact circumstance you find yourself in. Why? Because you asked for it. Are you getting abused? You asked for it. You happy? You asked for it. You poor? You asked for it.

I’ll go into more detail about what I mean by this in another post. First, you need to take a pure and long look at how you got to where you are. Then you will see what I mean.

The answer really is simple. Stop fucking asking for it! Stop wanting for something else! Know you deserve better. Ask yourself this one question: What would my life look like if I changed it? Don’t get into the bullshit of troubles it will take to get you there, that will only mess you up. Look past that and tell yourself what you would do if you got exactly how you see it.

This is not some sort of positive thinking crap. Let me quote T Harv Eker.

So what is the difference between “power thinking” and “positive” thinking? The distinction is slight but profound. To me, people use positive thinking to pretend that everything is rosy, when they really believe that it’s not. With power thinking, we understand that everything is neutral, that nothing has meaning except for the meaning we give it, and that we are going to make up a story and give something it’s meaning.

This is the difference between positive thinking and power thinking. With positive thinking, people believe that their thoughts are true. Power thinking recognizes that our thoughts are not true, but since we’re making up a story anyway, we might as well make up a story that supports us. We don’t do this because our new thoughts are “true” in an absolute sense, but because they are more useful to us and feel a heck of a lot better than nonsupportive ones.

Understand that your mind will fuck with you. When you realize this, you’ll start to live a better life.

Don’t you dare fucking say now “I want to change.” Go and do it!

God is Love!


You know, I really do like Neal Donald Walsh.  His Conversations with God are real eye-openers.  In fact, many of the ideas he brings forth echo so many of the ideas I had when I was first starting this grand understanding of life.  Almost to the point where ‘dammit!  I could have written many of those chapters!’.

There is a problem though.  He doesn’t take the God concept far enough.  I feel he still has some of that do-goody Christianity left in him that is slightly colouring the message.  Remember that telephone game I mentioned previously?  Quite applies here I do believe.

“Hitler went to heaven.”

That statement I love.  Why?  Because everyone thinks the same damn thing and merely parrot what someone else said without really understanding what went on or how life works beyond what a committee said in a book.  The Heaven most people know is only what was told to them by the Christians.  This does not make it reality.  Do I need to mention that these Bible stories were supposedly handed down by people who were inspired by God.  Sigh, do I even need to mention the telephone game again?

Now, let’s just apply a little more of their own logic.  “God loves everyone.”  That so?  Even Hitler?  Yeah….thought so.  See, you can’t have it both ways.  To say something is omniscient and all loving, all powerful but condemning is such a logical flaw.

Here’s how I see it.  If you are true to your being, then you have served your spirit and thus it is impossible to be condemned for being exactly who are .  Understand that there are many who are, to use a quote from Morpheus in The Matrix, “Not ready to be unplugged.”.  They cannot possibly understand you or  your decisions.  They have chosen that path.  You do them a disservice by pandering to their lack of higher-sight.  It’s like when a child’s best friend dies.  They do not understand and have no control of such events.  Eventually they will grow and learn, at least that is the hopes and dreams of every parent, but even if they do not, have compassion for them but keep true to yourself.  They will respond to that.

So, what will you do next?  Will you give up your own being just to satisfy the egotistical whining of another or will you do what you are here to do.  Be yourself!