Wishes are real.  They just generally never happen the way you expect them and that’s usually your fault.

For the longest time I got tired of a relationship I was in.  The conflict on a verbal level kept inching up higher and higher.  After hearing Eckhart Tolle’s comments on relationships and the troubles/conflicts they experience, I found an eerie similarity in my own.  The longer this went on, the more my thoughts turned to what kind of a person I would like to spend my time with.

At some point a strong enough image was built and my ‘wish’ was granted.  The answer lay 6000 miles away.  There are a lot of hurdles to overcome to make something like that work.  I always told people that long-distance relationships never work but it seems that I need to qualify that statement.  “Long distance relationship only work if they are based on a True thought/desire.”  Otherwise it’s just emotions tied up with misplaced mental images.

How else can you possibly explain such things?  When you feel a connection that is not just ‘oh my god, he/she’s hot and sexy’.  I’ve grown past that stage in my life where it is the driving factor of my partner-making decision.  Sure, it helps that he/she is for you but the younger you are, the more likely you chose with your emotions rather than your soul.


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