God and Religion

This one will be a doozy but not that I care.  This blog is all about me any way right?

I’m going to preface this post by saying that the mind cannot create anything is has never experienced before.  It is quite literally impossible.  This is possibly the single most profound thing you have ever read when you realize the scope that it encompasses but let’s go with a simple example to start.

Walk out into Amazon rain forest, find a tribe of natives and ask one of them to describe chocolate to you.  “Of course he can’t, he’s never had it.”  Exactly.  His mind cannot possibly comprehend the exact taste of chocolate.  He might understand sweet, or even brown but exact?  Never.  I once heard T Harv Eker put it quite bluntly with other words that are almost as profound.

You may have heard about it. You may have read about it. You may have actually seen it but until you have LIVED it, you don’t know it.

No matter how much I see a court case about rape, no matter how much a friend might tell me about her/his terrible ordeal I will never, ever KNOW it till I have experienced it.  There is a line that only those who have lived it have crossed.

Now, what the hell does that have to do with God and/or religion?  Just apply the same logic.  How could we ever think that ‘there is someone up there’ unless we have experienced it? I’ll leave that here for a bit while I go onto another example that needs to be added to this equation.

You ever play that game in a large group called ‘the telephone game’?  Simple enough idea huh?  Someone whispers something to the person beside them only once.  That person must send the message along, hopefully exactly as they heard it.  Unsurprisingly when that message gets back to the originator it bares little to no resemblance to the original message.

I am a firm believe that life is mimicked on bigger and smaller scales.  I’m going to go with this stereo-typical ‘God’ image for a while because it is easy to use.  So, let’s say there is a God up in Heaven.  As souls were were created by Him/Her/It and thus we instinctively know this.  We cannot express it exactly because we learn all kinds of other things that mess with how life should be.  So the ‘message’ from our Spiritual Parent gets a little fuzzy and since we are all unique, that message gets further mixed up.  You begin to have all kinds of ways to explain what ‘God’ truely is.  If you want to see this in action, simply check out this list right here and try to tell me you don’t see ‘the telephone game’ in action with the stupid amount of similarity in nearly all of them.

Ok, let’s take this up a notch.

Let’s say you are some omnipotent/omniscient entity.  What would this ‘look’ like?  Absolutely nothing.  Absolutely static.  No up, no down.  No left, right no anything.  If you know everything then you are at a perfect balance and have pure homogeneity.  What if you decided that you wanted to know yourself?  I mean, it’s kinda boring being all knowing now isn’t it?  Who is there to play golf with?  Been there, done that, got the damn t-shirt.  So what do you do?

Ooh, how about this wacky idea of dumbing yourself down so that you can try to discover yourself again?  That would be fun!  Think of the thrill it would be to challenge yourself in this way?  Ok, let’s do this!

BOOM!  Welcome to the world little Johnny or Jane.  We are going to play THE biggest game of TAG in your entire life.  Try to find me…err you…err…God….dammit, this is getting confusing.  I’ll let you go and figure it out on yourself with only the merest of hints but you’ll have to listen very quietly to find the path.  Anything else is pure distraction.  Got it?  Right.  Off you go.  Don’t forget to wash behind the ears!

And thus begins our stumbling around in the spiritual darkness with some sort of light off in the distance.  Oh look, others are doing the same.  They say they got an answer!  Well, there are sooooo many of them, they must be right!  Ok, I’ll follow that group.  I like this being in control and telling others how to live.  I mean, this is what we are supposed to be doing right?  That was the original message we got from someone who got from someone else right?  Right?!?!


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