God & Religion II: Getting back to the Source

Ok, now that we’ve gone over the basics let’s explore a little more.

For reasons I do not yet understand, our current reality is divided into two.  Male/Female. Up/Down. Left/Right.  You name it, we have an opposite for it.  Hell, even our computers with 1/0 embody the very nature of our physical beings in conceptual forms.

Since we have this impetus to ‘get back to God’, there was a neat little catch built into this setup.  Namely male/female.  Without going into oddball examples, typically there is nothing that compared to the experience of sexual union between a man and a woman. (Don’t bother with gay/abstinence examples, I’ll probably address those later, for now just run with this.).  That ‘joining of bodies and mind’ is awfully damn close to connecting back to the source.  The intensity of two people that really connect, and I’m talking not just physically here.  To make this joining as close as possible to ‘God’ there simply has to be more than swapping DNA.

You ever get that feeling that there is a connection with someone.  You can’t explain it.  You can’t reason it.  You just know it.  If you are lucky enough, both people understand this and work with it.  If you are unlucky enough, then you’ll either get called a creep at best, or a restraining order at worst.   Going with the best positive outcome here, that is a serious indication that great things can be achieved.

Think about your friends.  The ones that ‘lift you up’ in appreciation.  Do you not feel like you accomplish more with that person around?  Have you just not worked so well with someone that when you are done a project you go “Whoa!” because the outcome was well beyond what you expected?  That means something.

Now, bring that type of connection into physical sense and you have the most powerful combination of mind, body and souls that brings you to the edge of literal bliss of divinity.  Yet it only lasts for a moment, that peak.  If you are working on a family, and your actions result in the welcoming of a new soul into this world, there few things that compare to the blessing that would be.

So, two things became one but only for a moment?  Why does this not last?  Sure our bodies have some pretty obvious limitations but is it really a limitation of the body?  It’s pretty much a given these days that sexual arousal and indeed climaxes are more mental/emotional than physical so, how does one keep that connection open to one another?  More sex might help(certainly won’t hurt) but you most likely need pure effort and conscious action on both parts.  Sadly this is nearly impossible to achieve with trying to make ends meet, dealing with governments or anything else you can think of that keeps you distracted from your true nature.

Ohhhh, distraction.  Wait for that little entry to pop up soon.

Your mission.  Find that one person that fits so well and work with them creatively.  Sex might be the way but there is much more that will get you the same type of results and if you can combine it all, then all the better for you!


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