God is Love!


You know, I really do like Neal Donald Walsh.  His Conversations with God are real eye-openers.  In fact, many of the ideas he brings forth echo so many of the ideas I had when I was first starting this grand understanding of life.  Almost to the point where ‘dammit!  I could have written many of those chapters!’.

There is a problem though.  He doesn’t take the God concept far enough.  I feel he still has some of that do-goody Christianity left in him that is slightly colouring the message.  Remember that telephone game I mentioned previously?  Quite applies here I do believe.

“Hitler went to heaven.”

That statement I love.  Why?  Because everyone thinks the same damn thing and merely parrot what someone else said without really understanding what went on or how life works beyond what a committee said in a book.  The Heaven most people know is only what was told to them by the Christians.  This does not make it reality.  Do I need to mention that these Bible stories were supposedly handed down by people who were inspired by God.  Sigh, do I even need to mention the telephone game again?

Now, let’s just apply a little more of their own logic.  “God loves everyone.”  That so?  Even Hitler?  Yeah….thought so.  See, you can’t have it both ways.  To say something is omniscient and all loving, all powerful but condemning is such a logical flaw.

Here’s how I see it.  If you are true to your being, then you have served your spirit and thus it is impossible to be condemned for being exactly who are .  Understand that there are many who are, to use a quote from Morpheus in The Matrix, “Not ready to be unplugged.”.  They cannot possibly understand you or  your decisions.  They have chosen that path.  You do them a disservice by pandering to their lack of higher-sight.  It’s like when a child’s best friend dies.  They do not understand and have no control of such events.  Eventually they will grow and learn, at least that is the hopes and dreams of every parent, but even if they do not, have compassion for them but keep true to yourself.  They will respond to that.

So, what will you do next?  Will you give up your own being just to satisfy the egotistical whining of another or will you do what you are here to do.  Be yourself!


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