I want more money.

I want more vacation.

I want some peace and quiet!

No problems. There, your thoughts have been answered. Feel better?

“but i don’t have any more <insert any want>!” you say.

Of course you do. Your wish/prayer/desire has been answered exactly like you requested. Let me ask you this. When you say “I run to the store.” or “I play with my friends” what is the active verb? Run and play obviously. When you say “I want X” your active verb is want and you get exactly what you ask for….more WANT! This applies for “don’t want” equally. Your words define your reality. Words have power.

For months I have been envisioning myself with a new partner. For the longest time I pictured myself with someone who at least lived close to me. The problem with that was I had a focus that was just a little skewed to something that was not true to my soul. Believe me, I was quite creative in my envisioning but it really only amounted to a teenage desire for sex because of the particular focus of my intention. If all that it took was pure desire, then every single teen would be having sex with the prom queen/Ms <insert state name > pageant winner/any shirtless fireman from the calendar.

Your thoughts define your reality.

Now my next sentence is gonna piss you off. You asked for your situation. What does this say about your own current situation? It says exactly what you see. You asked for the exact circumstance you find yourself in. Why? Because you asked for it. Are you getting abused? You asked for it. You happy? You asked for it. You poor? You asked for it.

I’ll go into more detail about what I mean by this in another post. First, you need to take a pure and long look at how you got to where you are. Then you will see what I mean.

The answer really is simple. Stop fucking asking for it! Stop wanting for something else! Know you deserve better. Ask yourself this one question: What would my life look like if I changed it? Don’t get into the bullshit of troubles it will take to get you there, that will only mess you up. Look past that and tell yourself what you would do if you got exactly how you see it.

This is not some sort of positive thinking crap. Let me quote T Harv Eker.

So what is the difference between “power thinking” and “positive” thinking? The distinction is slight but profound. To me, people use positive thinking to pretend that everything is rosy, when they really believe that it’s not. With power thinking, we understand that everything is neutral, that nothing has meaning except for the meaning we give it, and that we are going to make up a story and give something it’s meaning.

This is the difference between positive thinking and power thinking. With positive thinking, people believe that their thoughts are true. Power thinking recognizes that our thoughts are not true, but since we’re making up a story anyway, we might as well make up a story that supports us. We don’t do this because our new thoughts are “true” in an absolute sense, but because they are more useful to us and feel a heck of a lot better than nonsupportive ones.

Understand that your mind will fuck with you. When you realize this, you’ll start to live a better life.

Don’t you dare fucking say now “I want to change.” Go and do it!


12 thoughts on “Want!

    • Arrrgh! Had this big write up going and BAM….hit the wrong key and deleted it all. Sigh. I’m so disappointed that there is no ‘draft’ ability for comments right about now….

      So, let’s try this again…sigh.

      There are 3 key areas that question covers for me. A relationship, an income and a living environment.

      Relationship: I would be looking for a partner that understand me completely. Someone who accepts me 100% and not for just the skills they want to make them feel good. That ‘partial-acceptance’ is a huge problem because the parts that are not accepted usually end up being the cause of the breakup due to the fact that they are either significantly important to the other partner or get starved for attention.

      Income: Today’s economy really kinda sucks. Finding that right job which suits your skills exactly how you like is difficult. That is an obvious kind of goal for anyone really, yet many settle for ‘McDonalds” because they feel they have no other choice when, in fact, choice is all we have in the world. They just choose a less-than-enlightened path for themselves. So an income which recognizes my skills and experience is key.

      Living Environment: Note that I did not say home. It could be that I like to travel and never have one set home. Although I would prefer to have a ‘base of operations’ and travel for my work. So a set-up that accommodates this would suit me just fine. Still, this is open to development pending on how the relationship part works out. Still there are factors of unknown are lurking around.

      Answers to my questions:

      Relationship: I am obviously working on riding of my current involvement. I am also keeping my eyes open for possibilities as well. See, I know it takes time to get to know someone and most people start after they are finished(broken up) from a relationship. Since my current relationship has ‘been ending’ for sometime, I’ve had the opportunity to start looking/building relationships. Do I have an emotional attachment to a specific person right now? No. Sure, there are some potentials but until certain events have transpired nothing solid can possibly happen any ways. So for now, everything is where it should be. I thought I slipped a little a while ago but that was quickly corrected and was quite an interesting learning experience for me. It is always interesting when you can meta-learn about yourself. That helped me straighten out a nearly fatal mistake very quickly.

      Income: This I have been working on for years and it’s fruition has started to show. Let’s just say that in 6 months, life will be very, very different from now.

      Living Environment: I have been envisioning an set-up for this for a long time as well. This is completely tied into my Income because I need certain freedoms (i.e. no daily office to go to) in order to make this work. Those freedoms are manifesting right along with the Income vision.

      It is odd yet it’s not. I can see everything and how it’s slowly coming together. I see how things have met, cross-paths and how they have closely matched my dreams and visions. I’m doing my best not to let my ego get involved too much so that these karmic lines follow their intended path and not get all fucked up because I was impatient or acted impulsively at the wrong time. I am keeping my faith in how events will turn out and doing my best to let my higher-consciousness guide me and other events to unfold in their best possible combination.

      Yes everything was described pretty vaguely and on purpose too. Until I am ready, this blog stay anonymous to the general public. I want no preconceived notions/colorings of who I am to take away from the messages I bring forth. I am looking to see my ideas understood in an intellectual environment without being seen through colored lenses. Maybe if we become closer friends, you’ll learn more details but until there, generic terms is all anyone is getting.

  1. I understand the anonymity and the cryptic writing- I have been blogging for seven years, only this is the first blog where my name isn’t publicly displayed. And nobody knows about it and I’m happy for it to stay that way as long as possible. I didn’t expect any more direct an answer and I’m glad you’ve shared whatever you have, so thank you.

    I wish you luck in all three spheres, and otherwise. You seem to have a clarity of vision that few are blessed with, so I’m sure you will be fine! I’m no one to say of course, and I realise that, but sometimes it’s nice to hear, and I do mean it.

    • Thank you for your thank you 🙂 I would like to offer some suggestions if you wish to remain anonymous. You would be surprised at how much information you are leaking out. I try fairly well enough to stay private but few would go the lengths to dig up who I am. Still, I know I could do better but I’m not paranoid about what I write here. I suspect the same for you as eventually it will be found out and by that point, it won’t matter. Now if I was doing some political rant/corporate greed blog….different story. Like you, I just want to tell my story without prejudice. Maybe help a few people along the way. Pleasant surprise meetings like you are always welcomed.

  2. As anonymous as I think I am, I’m fairly certain there’s a lot on there, not least of all the writing, which can certainly be traced back to me. On one hand, it bothers me because I would like for most people in my circles to not know my most private thoughts, and on the other hand, it’s about time I really stopped caring. Part of the creative process of writing is self-expression, and oddly, I am most inspired when I am at my lowest ebb. I have fought with this giving-away-too-much-of-myself thing for a long time, so now I am just going to make my peace with it. Eventually people will find out anyway and when I think about it practically, they really can’t take anything away from me by knowing what’s in my head. About pleasant surprise meetings- likewise!

    • Funny how we have come to this point in our lives isn’t it? How we don’t want our current “circle of influence” to know who we really are yet we want someone to know. I think it shows a significant growth in our awareness and perception of our lives. We have been chasing the wrong kind of approval and now we wish to shed ourselves of old ways and find new ones that truly lift us up and onwards because the old ways no longer serve is as they once did, or once thought they did.

  3. Yes. Also it’s amazing how many people actually don’t understand who you really are. For example, out of all my friends who know my current situation, only three or four really look at me and say–I see you, I understand that this is what you must do to life yourself up and find your own way into a life you want and deserve. I may not agree with you, but this is who you are and I respect that– Most others are passing judgement when his is not their life or their situation to pass judgement on. It’s those people I mean to keep out. And yes, while we have been chasing the wrong kind of approval, it’s helping sift the crap out and keep the real gems in- I know who I want in my life going forward with much more certainty now.

    • Indeed! Well said. I haven’t tolls many about my situation. The few who do know, most are supportive, some think I should work it out. There is av couple of rare gems that I have found as well. Those I shall cherish always. Its actually kind of funny. One in particular had accepted me for who I am with zero judgment. I mean, I have never felt that kind of freedom….at least not since I can remember at least. In an odd way, party of me (the old part) is a little freaked out. Its that part that had been used to being caged up for do long that is kind of afraid to go outside. That single person had shown me more acceptance than some of the closest people in my life ever have. This is a major indication that I know that at assume point in my life, I will find that significant other with whom I can spend the rest of my life with because if that person can totally accept me for who I am, then there has to be others as well. Call it a “numbers game” if you will. If one in a 1000 is what you are looking for, then go meet 1000 people!

      • I’ve been told to work it out too. More times than I care for. Even when I’ve been the only one trying all this while. For me, there are so many societal constraints, especially when you consider that the society I am going back to is steeped in tradition, so this is a very big move for me. But I am told that being on the right (?) side of thirty, that time is on my side. However, I don’t think it’s about time. I think it’s about finding someone who I accepts me for who I am in a way that doesn’t tie me down. That is the only way I believe I can be rooted, however strange that sounds. And yes, there will be others. The world is too big a place for you to find just one person- the only criteria is the ‘when’. When you find the ‘right’ person it has to be the right time, and that is a rarity. But I’m confident it will happen.

      • I think age is less of a concern because if you believe in the principe that “it will happen” then age does not matter. Or at least it shouldn’t. I am familiar with cultures and cultural expectations and for the more part I find the underlying reason for such things are outdated. Such pressure add “you must beer married before you are 30” or “you are over 30, what is wetting with you?” I hold in contempt because it totally ignores the real world and assumes that they know how life works. Irritates me to no end when I hear such things. I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to drop me a line any time you just need to chat after your move. I would hate for anyone to feel alone in their thoughts when in comes to personal choices.

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