“No, no, no….you doing it all wrong son!”

The title is probably one of my favorite lines from Foghorn Leghorn.  In this world, there is only perspective that people choose.  Well most, some see farther than others.

Perspective is merely how YOU see something.  Take something as basic as right and wrong. Is it wrong to steal?  Many would say yes.  What about the kid who sees his parents suffering and steals a loaf of bread to help his family?  Is it stilll wrong?

“of course it is.  It’s a different situation.”

No it’s not.  The act is the same but now you have changed your perspective.  Apply the same thing to killing and you are in the same loophole.  There is no right or wrong.  There is no good/bad.  There is only perspective.

You might even just call it an opinion.  So the next time someone says you’re wrong, use the famous “well, that’s just like…your opinion man.” from The Big Lebowski.  I find it interesting that this particular phrase is popular.  Signs of another one of those universal truths.

Seen any universal truths yourself lately?


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