We are all connected

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that phrase a million times and barely gave it a passing thought outside if the usual New Age/Hippie bullshit right? Let’s see about that.

I met a new person a few months ago. We get along so damned well that people wonder if we are related. Our humour, our mannerisms all mesh. It’s like we’ve known each other for years yet it’s only been months. This is connection. No one would be confused upon seeing us. We’ll be good friends forever I think.

Or how about when you work on a project with someone and the end result just is perfect? I had an idea for a logo but could not draw it. I brought it to a graphic designer and not only did that person hit the nail exactly on the head, the subtle improvements that were added just sent it over the edge in how True that image was. Connection.

What about when you meet someone and within a few exchanged messages/chats you feel you can tell anything about them. Like the knowledge is instinctive. You kind of don’t want to believe that it’s happening yet there it is. It that perfect combination. Two people who have experienced things in their lives that despite their vast differences, they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle piece. One simply cannot ignore such things. Indeed you’ll find your thought being more and more preoccupied by this “other you”. If your perspective is on the wrong level, the connection won’t last. You can usually tell this by how long the initial connection takes. Being smitten is one thing…..having their very thoughts/spirit occupy your very core is quite another. If you are just smitten, then the connection is limited in level and by default, limited in strength and will eventually fall apart while you wonder “what went wrong?”

Absolutely nothing went wrong. The relationship ran it’s course based on how it was started. Somethings this happens when sometime recognizes the difference. Sometimes it happens when as person grows while the other does not. When the gap in growth gets to a certain level, the relationship breaks down. It no longer “works”. No one is at fault. This is that one major constant on life that you can count on….change.

What have you notice changing lately?


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