That feeling you’ve seen something before.  Not to be confused with “Deja-rue”(I’ve been down this road before) or the more famous “Deja-moo”(I think I’ve seen that cow before).

I’ve heard many explanations, like it’s just your brain seeing information in the wrong order.  Yet the ones I have experienced have been nothing short of mind-blowing at times.  They range from “that is awfully damn familiar” to the feeling that I literally just walked into my body.

Some claim prescient.  I look at them as metaphysical road signs that I am on the right track.  There was never any consistency or regularity with my experiences.  They just happened whenever.  I can’t even remember when the last one happened and I’ll probably never get around to writing them down.  I just go by what my intuition says when they happen.

For me, when they do happen, I feel like I literally just walked into my body. Not as in bumped into but as in I just spiritually made a physical connection to it. Like I just put on a wetsuit but more like pushed into it. The more aware of this sensation, the stronger the meaning I believe.

Still, something to note and watch. Patterns tell all.


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