Who are you?

To me, this is the single most important question that could ever be asked, ever be considered and hardest one to answer.

What answer can you give that does not use words which rely on other things to define them? For example, “I am a mechanic.” No, no you are not. You work as one, you have skills as one, but if you look up the up the definition if one, I do not see you’re picture there.

“I am a mother.” No, again you are not. You are in the role of a mother but your picture does not grace the pages of the Oxford Dictionary.

“I’m a human being.” Ooooh, now we are getting close but still, how true is that statement? After the first two examples does that statement hold true.

Do you know who you are?


2 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Its a question that requires a very personal response, because we all will have different answers. To some people, it might be skin and bones, that eventually turns to worm food. The total pesimistic attitude to life and no motivation to strive to be anything/anyone else. To others maybe its “im a mother”. It can be. Have you seen those types of absolute twisted crazy motherly devotion that they look absolutely insane? Then she is just “mother” to her understanding. And we cant say that we know better than her. Wr might, but imposing our knowledge on them might break them. Us knowing the real meaning behind the meaning of life might just make them explode. Hence our different roles in life…

  2. “to her understanding” is a pretty key phrase. Perspectives. one thing that I think the Buddhists got right is the idea of attachment. Identifying with an idea does not make you the idea. At best, it would be a severely limited perspective of a greater whole.

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