I really do believe that life is all about experiences. Indeed they shape who we become and once that is realized, you begin to understand what control you have and that you can change who you are at any given moment. This scares people. If we can change who we are, then why bother having experiences? How do we define ourselves? Why bother doing anything if you can change it?

The answer will be obvious once you contemplate theses things. In fact, just knowing this will change your life regardless if you accept this fact or not. For change is the only thing that is constant in our lives. Those who embrace change are free. Those who embrace change are truly at the forefront of life and growth. To embrace change is to embrace fear. Change cannot happen without fear. Fear is the part that works hard at keeping you safe. Fear is a necessity but only you can choose when fear serves you or hinders you. If you live by fear alone, then fear does not serve you. If you claim to live without fear, then fear also does not serve you when it should.

Use fear and make it serve your bidding.


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