What is love?

Emotion? Physical? Spiritual? All three? None?

I’ll give you a hint…..you get to decide. The only thing you have in this world is choice. Understand that you have chosen everything in your life. Oh, I know many of you will rail against this idea with words like “I didn’t choose to break my arm!” “I didn’t choose to get raped.” “I didn’t choose to get cancer!”. As a matter of fact you did. I’ll let that sink in while your rage and incredulity expands with that sentence.

Now, if you have been paying attention to my posts you should have an idea of what I mean and where that statement came from. The first thing I’ll say is “What level was that choice made at?” (Re-read this to get the Level idea). I’ll then state that: Of fucking course no one would consciously ask to get cancer (or whatever bad experience) but let’s clear some things up.

At the physical level, you are correct. You didn’t ask for any of the bad things. At the emotional level you simply cannot ask for such things. That leaves the spiritual level, which so many people leave out. The “marginally more enlightened” people put the burden on “God” which is a kind of blame game for them. Those who truly see things know that you’re soul is much wiser and choose to be born to have certain experiences here. There is no good/bad experiences. There are just experiences. Your soul is immortal, the body is not.

Everything that had happened to you is of your own doing. You will take these experiences, learn from them and next time around, you will be wiser.

“But I want my enlightenment now!”

Yes, yes you do….and going back to want….you got exactly what you asked for already. Congratulations!

Now, have you chosen Love today? If so, on what level?


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