Being alone

I believe that our ultimate destination is to not be alone. So essentially we are built to be with others. Keep in mind that there are levels that I always talk on. The ‘ultimate’ wording means spiritually in this sense. I believe in the end, and as cheesy as it may sound, we are all one. The path to get to that place is different for all of us.

Being alone sucks for the vast majority. That doesn’t mean there are those that want/need that experience. Indeed, there are times when everyone says “I need to be alone now”.  Some want that alone experience for much longer although typically that stems from a bad experience and not conducive to their overall spiritual growth. Then there are those who generally have chosen a fairly solitary life and are quite content with it. I believe those ones are few and far between, despite the number of people who claim this status.

For the rest of us, we struggle for acceptance. We struggle to be loved and we struggle to just fit in. Again, each of those scenarios have their own levels. I don’t bother to try an ‘fit in’. I’m not interested in going out, drinking every weekend just to get drunk. To me, that’s not ‘fitting in’. This also means I get excluded, by default of my nature, from many group events because I am labeled as ‘not fitting in’.

When someone suddenly accepts you for who you are, after years of just the opposite from your friends/family/partner, you get kinda surprised. And oddly, a bit surprised as how you are surprised(meta-learning). That’s when you realize things never need to be as bad as they are. There are those who will accept you as you are, with no reservations. You are not alone. You just need to find those who accept you and stick with them.

Fuck everyone else.


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