“Scream into the Unknown and wait for an answer!”

There is a band called SlowEarth.  They are pretty damn awesome.  The title of this post is from their song “Rebirth“.  The song touches me on one of the deepest levels.

I see this song/these particular words as an ultimate form of faith.  I touched briefly on this in the Wishes post.  At our current psychological evolution, we have a hard time understanding and appreciating gratification of our fondest desires.  The vast majority of people would get lost if they got everything they wanted the moment they asked for it.  So there is a delay.  This delay is built in on  purpose to make sure that what we ask for is exactly what we need.  If you can’t keep the question in your mind, and if you do not resonate with true desire, then it will never happen.


If you can truly hold a single thought in your consciousness, and that it vibrates with the same frequency of your soul, then you can be rest assured of an answer.

Now, there is another problem.  When the answer comes, it is usually powerful and overwhelming.  To the point where your mind retreats into old habits.  Remember that your mind just fucks with you in order to ‘protect’ you.  It has a use but it’s more like an over-protective mother.  At some point you just gotta say “thanks, but I’ll take it from here.” because you are mature enough.

When that moment comes, this is a truly defining moment for anyone.  Some embrace it without reservation.  Those people who do  are the memorable ones.  The ones with no fear.  The ones who seem to have it all together and got that feeling of a ‘powerful personality’.  You just know that if they put their mind to it, it just happens.  The trick is that we can all do that if we choose.  Most do not, hence the state of the world today.

Understand that emotion called fear.  One of the best definitions of fear is ‘the anticipation of pain’.  Read that definition again to really grasp that meaning.  It speaks of something in the future, something that does not exists! You are literally afraid of nothing!  When you should be afraid of nothing. (Let’s see who gets the two totally different meanings in those sentences.).

How about this little acronym.  False Evidence Appearing Real.  Remember that this is your mind still fucking with you.  There is nothing holding you back but yourself.  Take life by the god-damn horns and fucking live it!

No where do I ever mean to live recklessly.  Those who are reckless ignore the messages coming to them and simply act on an impulse that has nothing to do with their soul.  They can be fun to be around but be aware of their reasons for their actions.  If something seems not quite right, then you need to be concerned for your own well-being and  potential for being sucked in.

Those who are true to their soul you just know.  There is no doubt.  There is no shame.  This could even scare you because their vibrations start to affect you and despite your subconscious ‘screaming into the unknown’ and now getting the answer, you are taken aback by it.  Old thought patterns arise, fear rears if ugly head and you miss out on the greatest opportunity of your life.

The funny thing is that you don’t realize how much of a positive, watershed effect that will have on those around you.  If you choose to be inspired by another, then those closest to you can’t help but feel the same.  If your soul is lifted to heights you have never experienced before, so will those who are closest and dearest.  Those who do not, they will drop out of your life because they would only be holding you back.

Indeed, I believe that one of the problems that people don’t realize is that they take the advice of someone ELSE and apply it to their life.  That person cannot possibly know what is best for you.  Keep in mind that if you have the slightest inkling for listening to life on it’s most subtle, spiritual level, any advice you hear is from someone’s MENTAL level.  This will completely fuck you up and ruin your chance that stands before you.

I believe this has happened in my life.  My current life-partner is taking advice from one of their friends and this advice has caused a severe and irreversible rift between us.  The problem is my life-partner thought it was ‘logical’ and so took it.  Remember when I said that your mind fucks with you.  Prime example.  That other person does not know your future.  Does not know your intimate details.  Does not know your soul.  They only know themselves and for THEM, that is what THEY would do.  So, now my life-partner has taken on that advice, which is paired to the karma of another, and completely fucked this relationship.  All this without speaking a god-damned word to me.  How idiotic can you get?  You start making decisions because someone else tells you it’s the right thing to do and you DON’T discuss it?  Not the brightest thing to do.

I have seen this time and time again.  A former love-interest did exactly that and I lost that relationship.  Now I’m loosing a spouse.  Lost a spouse.  I’m ok with this.  Sure, it’s not gong to be a walk in the park but it will be freeing.  I have learned much about myself and what I am willing to accept.

I have been ‘screaming into the unknown” for awhile.  I have had an answer of sorts.  I understand more about life now and will now seek to embrace what I have been missing.  I know what to look for now and with my newest ‘scream into the unknown’, I am looking for the exact same scream coming to me now.  I don’t know when/where I’ll find it but I know, I will find it.


4 thoughts on ““Scream into the Unknown and wait for an answer!”

  1. Here’s to finding answers. You in your corner of the world, and me in mine. Braving the unknown has its challenges, but the freedom that comes with is overwhelming and beautiful. This much I am certain of.

    • One if these times I would like to meet you and buy you a drink. Celebrate our freedom and perseverance to the betterment of our souls! After we get through the “rough part” first of course. Will need that drink then I think.

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