Who the hell has time for patience?!


Nothing, and I mean nothing, is worse that knowing what an outcome will be to a situation but have to let things play through.  Oh I understand why it has to happen.  Why things have to be experienced before they can be appreciated.  That still doesn’t mean I have to like waiting for them to happen.

I’ve been gearing up for a significant change in my life.  I am seeing the first steps of that happening right now.  Check that, I should say ‘changes’.  Much is happening in my world right now.  It is like everything that I have truly wanted (with a few exceptions, that I suspect will eventually follow) is being made available to me right now.  I’ll be damned if I’m going to ignore these signs!

Still, I wonder how Time Lords really cope with such dilemmas?  Knowing the outcome of something and yet not being able to make it go/change any faster.  Sure, they can jump ahead but that is still passive.

“The reward of Patience is Patience.”

Sometimes being forced into having patience is a necessary evil.  The end reward will be so sweet.  It’ll be like being in Heaven after living through the patience of Hell.


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