Challenging the status quo: Marriage

The question is simple: can one person give you everything you ever wanted in a relationship?

Now, let me mess with your minds.  I want to ask one more question….is the previous one even a valid question?

The more I learn about history, the more I learn about my own life and the most I learn about my own current ‘life partner’ the more I question everything.  Oh the traditionalists will scream “Yes you can get everything from one person, if you don’t like it then get a divorce.” (to whit the ultra-conservatives will say “No, you keep working at it, divorce is not allowed under God!”).  And here we are, at the root of the problem.

As far as I can tell, ‘marriage’ is a contrived notion, originally to try to impose some sort of morals while maintaining control over the people(not to mention their wallets).  This might have been useful for our species growth but now I feel it is terribly outdated.  In fact, there’s been precedence that this has not only been an absolute failure but something that just isn’t in our personalities.

Adultery has been an accepted practice in many societies.  Typically nobility where marriage was arranged but not limited to this setup.  As things like this has been known to happen over thousands of years, how can one even consider my first question to be a valid one ever?

I think the root of the situation is what you really want.  If you are married to one person but would rather be 100% with another, then that is a problem.  Being married to one person but only wanting sex with another, not such a big deal.  Want to know how this can be easily seen?  Simply ask “what is love?”  When you look up the definition what do you see?

an intense feeling of deep affection.

a person or thing that one loves.

Notice anything missing there?  Those definitions only talk about the emotion and not once mention physical side of things and yet somehow it is merely assumed to be included.

We are a varied species.  A nearly unlimited combination of thoughts and beliefs.  So that first question is absolutely bogus as it only presents a one-sided argument when as a society, we are far from being one-dimensional in our beings.


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