Ignorant people

Here is why I don’t like organized religions.

I was having this conversation with the wife of a minister.  The topic of attachment came up and I said I think the Buddhists got it right on the topic.  This was her reply:

“Oh the buddhists don’t want you to be attached to anything, or whatever…”

Really?  That’s your grand understanding of Buddhism?  Guess who I just classified as ignorant….


6 thoughts on “Ignorant people

  1. While I think andhave incorporated sine Buddhism into my philosophy, there are aspects to it that go against what I believe to be truly enlightened. Mainly in how they deal with women. Mostly in what seems to be a lesser nature. I think this is more due to the organizations running each group than the cite belief itself. Which is usually my beef with any organization.

  2. I can tell you that as a woman with a burning feminist streak, that if I felt like that about my organisation even for an instant, I would not be practising what I do. However, you are right- as with most major religions (and I use this word loosely), Buddhism now has many factions that vary in their rigidity and outlook- towards life and women. I like the SGI because it’s a simple reinforcement of my belief that the universe is much bigger than me or my imagination- and that the ultimate power to change my life lies with me- not an idol, or a prophet, or a man with a cape!

    • Sadly I have issues with SGI after having done some research. My conclusions fly in the face of SGI’s teachings, so I cannot say anything except reiterate that it is always the organizations that mess things up from the true intent of any original message.

      Time and time again my Buddhism research runs into issues that do not answer my questions. Thus is how I know that Buddhism, while an interesting path and one I have a slight fondness for, does not fulfill my understanding of what I have learned in my own.

  3. I agree with you there- organisations always deviate from the true message. And I have bones to pick with the SGI too, for that matter. But at the end of the day when I block the messengers out and sit to chant, I do feel a connection with something much larger than me and it for that feeling that I continue to practise. I have many doubts and way too many questions, and I am not entirely convinced I want to be part of any religion or practise, but I do find comfort here, and at least for now, it’s the least of all evils. So yay.

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