You deserve a break today!

That old Kit Kat commercial had a surprising amount of truth in those simple words.

Everyone needs a break.  I’m going to get a little bit into levels, so in case you haven’t read that first, might want to brush up on it first them come back.

On a basic level, we all need sleep (oddball yogis aside).  Without sleep you will simpy start to lose coherency, strength and eventually just collapse.  Now even if you do get just physical sleep, these symptoms will still occur unless you get REM sleep (nrem to be more precise).  You need to dream in other words.

Even this is not enough.  Recreation is a word you need to look at harder.  You need to “re-create” yourself everyday.  Here the stress of not doing so is insidious.  You might just feel tired or lethargic. Maybe this odd pain from an old injury, or new one.  Dark circles under the eyes.  Being a bit snappy in your response, particularly to people you have some sort of issue with/might be the cause of your lack of rest.

We drive ourselves to be better at things.  To be finished with things. To learn things. To be responsible to things. Yet this drive will do us more harm than good if we do not take a break from it.

I get really focused on problems.  I push harder to solve them yet at some point the answer seems farther and farther away.  Like I just can’t figure it out but if I go “just a little more” I’ll get it done and can move on.  That is the most dangerous thought you can have.  It is exactly that moment you should stop, get out of the chair and do something comply different.  Use the creative side of your brain instead on the analytical side.  You need balance.  No balance is like no sleep.  Bad things will happen.  The sad thing is that when theses bad things happen, usually affecting other people, you feel worse.  Its a never-ending emotional spiral downwards.  Stop it right now!  Get your ass our of the chair, go for a walk.  Grab something to drink. Watch a TV show or listen to music.  Anything that does not force you to think!  Hell, even sex is good for this!

Learn to use distraction effectively and once you get past that fear of “needing to get this done” you’ll realize how much faster things just get done!  Absolutely incredible to see it happen.

What? You still here?  Seriously, get lost and stop thinking!


2 thoughts on “You deserve a break today!

  1. People tell me to stop thinking all the time, at which point I tell them I really don’t know how to NOT analyse a situation or happening. But you’re right- balance is key. Especially for creative people, who tend to go overboard or frequent only one side of the spectrum- high or low, without knowing or practising balance.

    • Distraction is key. Sometimes it, lie any other thing, can be bad. Wishing a TV show or movie is good for that. You are totally receptive when viewing them. Might be a good time to find a TV series to download and start watching.

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