Soul Mates?

Do you believe in them?  Sure the idea in bandied about in stories and movies but how many of you actually believe in them?  I’m willing to bet you believe more in the idea than the actual possibility.

The idea kinda goes like this:

Two people, born at some significant distance (either physical or social) and when they meet, they feel like they were made for each other.

Sounds like a typical Hollywood trope right?  One thing about Hollywood, they do exaggerate ideas and stories well beyond their original intent/actual instance .

I believed in the concept as well.  I mean, there is always something useful in the idea of hoping that such a thing existed. Indeed, since man cannot create something s/he has never experienced, there would seen to be an indication that there is some level of truth to this concept.

So, what are the odds of you finding someone who who truly your compliment?  You could say 1 in 7 Billion but that would mean you swing both ways sexually.  So lets seed if we can cut that down.  Giving a roughly even population of men/women, you are down to 1 in 14  Billion.

“wait, shouldn’t that number go down?”  I originally thought so to but considering that cutting out half the population means you have to work twice as hard to find that exact person seems to make more sense because they are not likely sitting right next to you.

We can probably pair that down further into an age group because some 90 year old woman isn’t going to fall madly in love with a 2 year old boy.  So what do you think….30% of the population is within a reasonable age-appropriate striking range? (you might want consider the unwritten rule on 1/2+7 for age that is socially acceptable).   So where does that leave us?

14 billion * 1.3 = 18.2 Billion (yeesh … Those odds are starring to get worse than a lotto…).

So now what?  We could factor in the time it would take you to search the world and hope the soul-mate doesn’t die of old age before you find then.  I’ll keep it simple and just double the odds.

1 in 36.4 Billion*.

Hey you know, I bet if you played the Lotto and win, your “soul mate” would just show up!

*note: 78.5% of all numbers are made up on the spot.

Ok, let me give you the real odds now.  50/50.  Either it will happen or it won’t.

I will also say this:  I found mine.  The circumstance around it are complicated and would be seen as truly bizarre if you looked at it from a certain point of view.  Hell, even my mind still had a hard time with it but if you went back to my post on levels, the situation make absolutely perfect sense on a spiritual level.

What does it feel like to know a soul-mate?  Not what Hollywood says. The feeling is different, deeper, much more profound.  Sure there are emotions but if you are aware enough on how life works, and both mature and wise enough, the full meaning of it defies logic or reason. It gets into the realm of the esoteric and that simply cannot be defined.

I think the Oracle from the Matrix put it best though.

Being the One is like being in love. No one can tell you are in love, you just know you’re in love. Through and through.  Balls to bone.

Just swap out “love” with “with your soul mate”.

This is not a one sided equation.  This only works when it is reciprocated by the other person.  That is the kicker.

Now this thing about odds….utter bullshit.  The saying “when the student is ready, the master will appear.” applies to finding your soul-mate and you cannot put odds on something like that.  The only thing you can do is to learn about how life works, and how you can apply it to yourself.  You do this and a massive world of possibilities come rushing in.  You just be damn ready to handle the in-rush of positive stress and do NOT let your old, negative bullshit keep you from growing!


2 thoughts on “Soul Mates?

    • Timing means everything. Thing is…you generally don’t control the timing. Life just shows you and you have to be ready. I have been shown. Now I’m working towards being ready for a change. Thanks 🙂

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