Shit is about to get real

You know that feeling you get when you are about to kiss someone for the first time? Or how about when you come home, late and you just know your parents are going to yell at you?  That nervous feeling or “butterflies” in your stomach.  Yeah, that feeling.

I have been doing done serious soul searching and making plans for a massive change in life. I’ve been discussing it with someone close to me and mostly glossed over specific details by only going on instinct.  At some point that instinct had to turn into action.  It has come from the spiritual level, into the mental level.  That has been where I’ve been for a few months now.  Today I have noted a subtle shift in my emotions.  That process where the butterflies are manifesting themselves into the real world.  Serious plans have to be given real thoughts.  Actions be made real.  This is a shift and that nervousness is a sign of it emerging.

I kinda want to typically say “As long as I can manage it, I’ll be ok.” but that would be wrong.  I know I will get through this and be ok.  Its not prescient knowledge….or rather maybe it is.  I have no plans to die, and I certainly won’t be giving up on my choices.  It is going to be an interesting ride.  You don’t want to miss it.


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