How the mind works

Do you listen to the voice in your head? Maybe you shouldn’t. The problem is that most people only listen to the voice in their head not realizing what that voice is designed to do. It is designed for obe thing and one thing only, to keep you safe. The problem is how the mind defines the concept of safe.

Sure it is really important to be safe but the mind is acting like an over protective mother, always worried about what’s going to happen. It is always worry about what you’re going to do.

Want an example? Walk down the street, see some random stranger in say hi. I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of you immediately balked at doing this. That resistance, that little voice that said “but hi don’t know them.”, “they could hurt me”….that’s the voice that keeps you from ever getting on in your life. That’s the voice that keeps you safe.

Safe does NOT let you grow. As a person, as a soul, you ONLY ever grow at the edge of your comfort zone. No one had ever become a better person by watch TV, or by reading a book. They did it by getting out of their comfort zone and DID something. Maybe they gathered up the courage to ask that boy out for a date. Maybe they finally decided to ask their boss for a raise. Our, like a few I have met here, they finally got the courage to take steps to get out of a relationship that no longer served their higher good.

Hers another little trick to help. Your feelings are mainly an indication of your thoughts. When you are afraid, you notice that all your thoughts are of fear. Your emotions don’t dictate your feelings, it’s the other way around. Since we humans can’t possibly monitor the thousands of thoughts in our heads, we have our emotions that act like a gauge to give us an idea of what we are thinking in our minds.

I’m going to give you the key to your life right now.

“Change your thoughts and your life will change.”

I have recently set my mind on a course. All my thoughts are in that direction. Does that mean i don’t have doubts and fear? Absolutely not. I have then all the time. I just choose to ignore them and follow my soul, regardless of what my mind tells me.

This is why I will never be able to explain my actions to nearly everyone I know. Because they are not enlightened enough to understand. They still think that their mind is the only thing that matters. To them I will say “This is my choice. Accept it.”

So, what is your mind telling you right now? Is it telling you that you can’t move on? That it’s too hard? That too many people will get hurt? Or is that just all bullshit?


2 thoughts on “How the mind works

  1. I agree with you here. I’d also like to add that people judge other people by their own comfort zones. This is so wrong. Who can tell me what my boundaries are- surely no one gets to decide these but me! So annoying that everyone wants to give advice. Sometimes I want to tell people to take their advice, as well-meaning as it may be and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

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