What amazes me is how people have such a short view on life.  They actually believe that if they do something now they could just walk away with zero repercussions.  I’ve seen it time and time again.  There are always repercussions. Always.  Most of the time they do happen in your lifetime but the bigger ones, the ones with a more significant connection to your soul, will come back again and again, through various lifetimes until the issue is resolved.

You think people choose their situations?  Well yes, I’ve covered this before.  Yet those who are still asleep in this waking world will say “You wear glasses because you didn’t eat your veggies!” or “You sat to close to the TV when you were young.” or any other non-sense.  Truth is, those are only symptoms of a much deeper problem.  You are in the body you have because there is a lesson to learn. You experience pain and loss because there is a lesson to learn.

There are those who actually believe they don’t deserve better for themselves and yet it will be thrown right into their faces saying “Yes you do.”  Keep in mind that there are two sides there.  The person who refuses to rid themselves of some sort of misguided guilt and the person who strives to show that person their true value in life.  Both have lessons to learn.

The goal in life is to be aware of these lessons and act upon them that is truly in your best interest.  When you run away from the lesson, it will come back, stronger each time.  It really is inevitable that you will learn the lesson, so why not get it over with and move forward in your spiritual/personal development now?!  Prolonging your pain is hardly a smart thing to do, nor is it good for you and everyone around you.

I know my own issues are leaking into my daily life.  My friends see it all the time.  I can’t hide it any more.  Changes will be made.  Very, very soon. I am just waiting to see what it is I need to learn so I can unpause my life and get on with it!


2 thoughts on “Karma

  1. Wow it seems you are really going through a profound separation. So am I but I guess because I actually want my divorce and am looking fwd to it. I fail to see that loss and separation has real pain and mourning associated.

    • That is why I’m taking a two month break and going to the UK. Just getting away from everything to do some serious reflection by doing what I really love…..a nice long “road trip”. Granted I’m not driving this time but it’ll be close enough. I have some friends there and can tie it into some business as well. So, win.

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