I found my Peace

It is a curious thing peace.  For months I was quite wound up.  Oh sure i was happy, exited and very rating to go but then our suddenly stopped.  Like hitting a brick wall.  Neither before nor after the wall was I truly at peace.  Being at a high energy level does not make you at peace.  It can be as bad as being depressed.  I think most people don’t realize this.

This is not to say that it is necessarily a bad thing to be overwhelmed and/or totally enthralled by someone.  You just have to have the awareness to realize it and understand there needs to be a balance.

For me, my peace came with the true acceptance of an idea I’ve been carrying around for years and yet i wasn’t applying it fully to my situation.  The idea that eventually all things come to pass.  I understand that when something happens and the expected outcome is deeply known, yet fails to manifest, that outcome was simply not yet ready.  Realizing that this is something that could carry over into another lifetime was a comfort.  Karma does not always happen when you expect it.

Someone put it rather amusingly “Shit travels at the speed of shit.”.  This basically means things happen in their own time and when I finally got my ego out of the way, I was ok with this.  The particular images of another person I saw posted, no longer caused me pain.  I could simply accept them for what they were.  Expressions of that person.

This will be interesting to what will manifest because of this something always does.


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