Still Human

Seems my peace can be easily disturbed.  I had to actively resist not writing a blog post because it would have been nothing but an ugly rant.  I was so angry at my partner that it took quite a bit of effort not to scream at that person.  So many things they did just kept adding to my frustration and anger, I really have to work at this till I can set up my trip/break from all this.

I was debating for awhile how long I would be gone.  Initially it was going to be a week or two, then potentially 6 months, but now I’m thinking two months should work fine.  Long enough to give me time to recover and reflect.  Time to get away from the daily repetitive babble about what else is wrong with everyone else but themself.  There has been so much talk about quitting, about trying to find a better job just because one person does something that caused an issue.  How typical, don’t deal with the problem, just run away. 

Oh I’m not being hypocritical.  I need this break.  I’ve been trying to deal with this problem for years and with no results. Tired of beating my head against the proverbial brick wall.  About the only thing I’m debating on is do I even tell them where I’m going?  I really want that compete break from everything.  That freedom to do my own thing without the potential for someone to show up at my doorstep to ruin my peace I’m so deseparately trying truly find.

I’ll have to let someone know I suppose. A few people know which country I’m going to, so its not an utter secret. Ok, so got that figured out.

Now, just one more, important thing that needs to happen before things get booked.  Hopefully that will happen soon.


2 thoughts on “Still Human

    • Thanks. Been contemplating how to begun. Actually, just started a new post when your comment came up, decided that responding to it was worth putting into draft and do this first 🙂 I appreciated all comments. Mostly because I simply don’t get them much anywhere else.

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