How should this break begin?

I’ve written about this before and I’ll write about it again. I’m pretty sure I’ll do the letter thing. Just up and leave with a letter on your desk. I’ll explain a few things but there will be no point going into details because your reaction will be predictable…..denial. It always is. I’ll leave instructions on how the break will work and what expectations are to be laid out.

Oh I could so easily lie about it being for work and it would be infinitely rational and accepted but that would utterly defeat the point. While it would make leaving easier and less for me to deal with emotionally, that would be counter-productive. I need to go through some emotional bullshit just to get it over with and move on to greater understanding. Even writing this, I can feel the stirrings of mixed feelings, of fear and anticipation. Of sadness and excitement.

It truly is a significant feeling when you realize that you can do anything you wish. Scary as all hell and yet I know I need to face that fear. The thought of being single has its own set of emotions to manage, even if it is only for a short time to gain perspective and plan for the future.