What I am capable of

One of the reasons for this break is to find out about me.  To answer the question ‘who am I?’ really.  I have discovered quite a bit already.  I have met quite a few people and made a few connections that look promising.  As my 3rd week here comes to a close, I am thoroughly enjoying myself here.  There are a few things I would like to change, just to optimize some transportation conveniences really but outside of that, things are good.

Tonight will see another gathering of people that I shall interact with and see how many other connections I can make and where they will lead me.

I do believe I am firming up the vision of my future and what kind of environment that I will have surrounding me.  It’ll be the envy of many and I understand why.  Most people simply do not have a clear vision of where they are going.  Most of that is because they are too distracted by the world around them.  They choose to react instead of act.  They believe that the world happens to them when in reality….they are right.  There is a saying that is more true than most people really know.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.”

This is one of the great secrets of the universe.  It’s a literal mechanic that you can work with.  Of course there is a lot of emotions and thoughts to clear out of the way and that’s where everyone gets tripped up.  Even I struggle most of the time but I’m getting better at it 🙂

The problem lies in believability.  Can your mind accept what you are told?  Let’s say there is a way to easily get 100 miles per gallon out of any truck you want.  Most people go ‘that’s not possible!’ and therein lies the problem.  They simply don’t believe it.  Believing in something does not make it true(for the world) but it does make it true(for you).  Yet if someone said “Hey, use this device and you’ll get 10% better mileage!” many people would jump at such a chance.  Why?  Because it is within the real of ‘that seems reasonable’ in their minds despite the fact that such 100mpg devices do exist.

I think optimists have a better chance at finding peace because they look on the positive side and flirt on the edges of dreaming.  It is dreams that ideas are born and everything we have right now was once just someone’s dream.

I keep dreaming of where I will go in life.  This is reflected in my real-world existence and many think it’s just luck.  If you were to give luck the meaning of ‘opportunity’, then yes, there has been a lot of luck in my life.  I have done many things to create such opportunities to manifest.  if I sat at home all day, watching the latest episode of any given ‘reality'(pffft) tv show, then what opportunities am I creating?  Nothing.  I am the opportunity that the creators of the show set out to find.  If I am out at a networking event with high-profile investors, do you think I might have a better chance of doing better in my life?  Yet some want to use some ambiguous term of ‘luck’.

I create my own luck and by shedding any past ideas, letting go of anything that restricts me, I have found out just how much ‘luck’ I can create for myself.  Oh it’s never been a straight line, mistakes are made all along the way yet it’s those mistakes allow me to keep on the right path to where I will end up.

For me, step 1 was the ability to work anywhere in the world.  Check.  Step two, work from a very specific tropical area and travel for work around the world for only half my time.  Working on that one now 😉

So, what are you working on?  Are you working on ‘how long it’s going to take me to pay off X debt’ or are you working on “while I’m working on paying off this debt, let’s find another way to short-cut this!”?


So I sit here….

….and I contemplate my life.

I’m truly at a nexus point in my life.  I can literally feel zero pull/push in any direction and yet somehow I still want there to be one.  Of course that just falls into the whole Universal response of “Oh, you WANT something….ok, have more WANT then!”.

I’ve never been in such a position, well not consciously, where I can just choose what direction I can go.  It’s….unsettling.  Like a few weeks ago, I had a weekend where I had nothing planned, which is unusual.  I was feeling rather lost….like I _should_ be doing something but there was nothing (read no distractions) to keep me from being present and conscious.

The other day I started making some points about what to do in my professional life, and despite having a clear picture of where I’d like to head towards….I couldn’t think of the next step.  I’m a terrible chess player so this should be no surprise to me.  I have a hard time figuring out what my next move, despite knowing how each piece moves individually.

When you can choose from any possibility, it’s severely daunting.

So, I’ll sit in this quiet for awhile longer.  Let my brain and soul take a rest and listen quietly to that inner-voice that will eventually be heard and guide me.

Officially begun

Now that things have settled,  I can update some things here.

I started my “break from nearly everything”  and it is going quite well.  A fresh new place,  new people,  new things to see.   It’s only been a short while but I’m doing well enough.  Feel pretty good about this despite nearly getting lost and missing my transportation time once.

Haven’t set my mind to the immediate task of contemplating the direction in my life just yet. I suspect that will start soon after a few more days of adjustment here.

I’m keeping my mind open to possibilities and seeing where this takes me with only slight direction on my part for now.