How many of you are truly aware of your life?  I don’t mean knowing where the alarm clock snooze button is, nor do I mean having the time slot for Survivor memorized.  I mean that esoteric knowledge of how you are progressing in a more spiritual sense?

For me, I can quite literally feel my world being at a nexus point.  It’s a freaking whirlwind of possibilities.  This is the place where you can make any choice, choose any path with all directions are infinitely possible.  You just need to make the choice and go with it.  Once made, there is no going back to this crossroad.  Oh there will be other crossroads ahead but right now there is only one.

I find that the more I interact with others, the more clear my choices become.  The whole ‘world is a reflection of you’ seems to work wonders when you pay attention.  The interesting thing is that the more clear the path, the less your choices.  Which is fine and a natural progression to the path you ultimately choose to take.

I’m going to meet someone and despite my rather wide range of worldly experience and open nature, I found myself being both excited and nervous.  Upon reflection I realized that I was nervous because I was significantly in-tune with my path and the influences all around me.  I think the nervousness is a sign of connection to something we don’t normally have a connection to.  Kind of like being afraid.  Fear will become less the more you are exposed to certain things (i.e. sky diving, driving really fast, daredevil-type of things and any others really).  So, I am embracing all of it.  No holding back.


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