The working class….

I feel real sad when I hear people make the following statements:

I’m making double-time and a half for working the public holiday!


WooHoo, I got a refund from the government for my taxes!

Both show an utter lack of real perception.  Let’s deal with the latter because it’s a bit easier to explain.

When you get money back from the government, that means they overcharged you! If it was a retail store, you’d be pissed that it happened in the first place and only be somewhat mollified that they owned up to it nearly 12 months after the fact.  You’d be better NOT paying any taxes through work, saving a ‘reasonable portion’ into a bank account, make some sort of interest on it, then filing at the end of the year and then just writing one big check.  FYI, it is perfectly legal for you to pay your own taxes and not through the company.  Check your local laws regarding it.

Now for the first one.

In typical countries, you get paid 8 hours for the holiday.  So regardless whether you work it or not, you get 100% of your daily wage. (I’m using simple numbers here, don’t get nit-picky on me). So now your ‘dboule time and a half(250%) is down to 150%.  Now if you work it, they give you ‘time and a half’.  Really, it’s just a ‘half’ bonus there.  So if you are making $10/hr, that obviously means you get paid an extra $5/hr.  In an 8 hr shift, that’s a whopping extra $40.  Which usually gets sucked up into extra taxes thus negating the ‘bonus’ for working.  You have just ended up working for ‘barely above normal pay’ for working that holiday.  Was it worth losing a day to yourself for just regular wages essentially?  Not for me it isn’t.

Words for thought.


Long time no update

Ever since the return from my trip, it’s been a busy and hectic time.  I almost forgot about this blog actually.  Which is kind of funny but maybe I just didn’t need this as an outlet for the last couple of months?  In any case, let’s update things a bit shall we.

Still in the same relationship.  Circumstances dictate this for a few more months.  I have many physical things to deal with and once those are done…well, there is the whole “when” thing.  I am going through another stage of ‘shedding’.  The whole ‘getting rid of physical attachments’.  Did this once before when I moved, doing so again.

What is odd but interesting is that I pretty much know what I need for the next leg of my journey.  My partner should be the perfect compliment for the new endeavours I am about to embark on.  There are certain skills that I am keenly aware of in which I lack.  Not having someone who is even remotely close to balancing out that part of me has been a significant reason why my progress has been slow.  Either you learn new skills or you find those who can both enhance yours and be enhanced by the skills you do posses.  My current partner, I believe, gets more from me than I from them.

Still, having a purely intellectual understanding of the things you are keenly aware of does not grant immediate release of the emotions attached to the situation at all. Even the couple of potentials that I met while away may not be the answer.  Should the opportunity even come up, there will be significant discussion on what I am looking for in a relationship.  This will obviously include my own general beliefs about life.  If there is one thing that will ruin a relationship that would be having two completely different views on how the whole universe works.

I think I might give them this blog and say ‘read this.  understand this. know me.’. There is certainly a lot of me here and explains a lot of my core being.

Still, there is that nagging fear that ‘what if you don’t find that perfect significant other while you are in a foreign country trying to make a living?’.  That is an ugly and crippling thought if one were to give into it.

Regardless, I’m still moving along with my progress and have a set time for a point of significant change coming up.  Next spring will see quite a difference in my life.