Finally went on my first official date…

Really, in all of my life, I’ve rarely gone on a date with anyone.  To be honest, I think my ex was the only one I actually did date in the traditional sense.  Maybe one other girlfriend much farther back but that’s it really.

I met this person on one of the popular dating websites.  I wasn’t particularly attracted to them really.  I was going to not even contact them but decided, what the heck.  We texted back and forth, shared some thoughts and decided on a breakfast date.

It was nice enough.  We were pleasant but in the end, I really didn’t feel anything there.  I even received an ‘I don’t think we are a match’ text.  Wasn’t upset, agreed with the thoughts and offered to remain friends.  That’s where it ended.

All in all, a good experience and a step forward.

Still working on letting the thoughts slide from that wild 3 week whirlwind of a connection.  A big part of my ego wants to see her break down and get in touch with me again.  Quite the fantasy idea, that is.

Knowing that the type of connection that was felt was something somewhat rare.  I have only ever felt such a connection about 5 times in my entire life.  It’s a repeating lesson that I’m trying really hard to learn and understand.  I’m sure I’ll get there one day.


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