A disturbance in the Force

Today I was totally off.  Something was wrong somewhere.  None of my immediate close friends were obviously having issue. I asked my FWB and they said all was fine. Could have been a cover-up but I’ll take their word for it.

Best I could do was to meditate to try and dissipate this sickening feeling I had.

Doesn’t help when I got one friend with Cancer and another who has to take morphine for back pain.  Those are just as likely to be connected with my and that feeling.

The feeling died down but only just recently, before going to bed, that I noticed it was quite gone.

I was chatting with a friend, one of my few closest, trying to figure it out but got nowhere. Got some neat ideas from them, as usual.

Ok, too tired to make this any sort of real useful Post. Will try better next time.


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