What I need…

I recently had the most amazing experience in my life.  At the time it happened, I was doing nothing but fighting my intellect to accept the experience.  For someone like me, who loves that etheric moment you get when something happens and it’s impossible to explain it in any rational way, I was able to experience a perspective where I literally saw myself so wrapped up in my own mind that I was nearly missing out on what was going on right in front of me.

See, I know that I need someone who can stand my piercing insight.  In fact, that insight is seemingly one of the biggest reasons why my relationships have never been balanced.  My other half was not even close to being able to keep up in personal development/intuitive sparks.  Sure, that might sound like ego but I can assure it, it is not.  I have seen it happen way too often to believe otherwise.

So there I was, having a good and deep conversation with someone I recently met and they did the same to me as I have done to others.  Gleaned that deep insight into what I am looking for in a partner and I was so busy intellectualizing my path that I almost missed it.  Afterwards when I got home, I laid in bed and was in awe of that moment.  That connection into my psyche and I knew, I need that in a partner.

Now, I doubt said person who gleaned that from me, is ‘the one’.  I hardly even know the person but what I do know is that for that brief moment, I knew exactly what I need in my life and my focus is now sharper for it.  It was one of those moments that you just know was a stepping stone in the right directions.

In fact, my whole recent journey has done nothing but move me forward in ways I couldn’t conceive of prior to taking this path.  People say they’ll ‘do this or that’ when ‘their ducks are in a row’.  They are waiting for that moment.  Problem is, ducks are only ever ‘in a row’ when they are moving.  So yes, my ducks are in a row and I am certainly moving.


Life moves pretty quick…

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

That single quote would be one of the major reasons I am getting out of my current relationship.  My partner simply does NOT look around at all.  Their observation of the world around is pretty minimal.  Not only do they completely miss how I am being treated they are also missing the other signs of how wrong things are going.  This means it will be an utter surprise when I say “It’s over”.  I’m also pretty sure said person will never truly understand why.

There is not much more important than the ability to be aware of your surroundings.  This includes how your mind thinks, how other people act and how things start happening to you.  When your significant other starts to kiss you less and less on the lips….when they start enjoying more ‘time alone’….you might want to take that as a sign.  When more and more ‘random’ people start wanting to talk to you because they are obviously interested, you might want to be aware and understand why this is happening.

This applies to more than just relationships of course.  You simple need to both be aware of what is going on as well as being detached.  If you get all tangled up in the emotions of the moment, it will do you no good to react that way.  Most likely it’ll make things worse.  Even when you do make reasonably detached decisions, don’t let the emotions wallow you down and ruin that choice.  No regrets.  They are wasteful.