Harsh lessons

I learned a rather valuable lesson yesterday through finally seeing a major mistake I’ve made with relationships in the past . My FWB got really upset when I wanted to be exclusive.  They basically said that’s not what they need at this point in their life and it would only add stress where their limit has already been hit.  Of course there was a lot more words and tears to this, just giving you the short version.

My learning?  I finally, finally realized where I’ve gone wrong in the past with relationships that didn’t work out at all. I was such an idiot. See, I thought I was helping by dedicating myself to the other person.  In truth, it was a selfish act and I was not paying attention to what the other person was asking for.  They wanted something very specific from me and I was taking that as wanting something more.  Man did I ever feel like crap when that realization hit me last night.  Despite all my grand learning and experiences, I can still make some big mistakes.  At least now I know and that my FWB was able to express to me what I was not doing what they needed.

Hurray for progress….