Walk where others fear to tread

How many times have you heard that most people live “a life of quiet desperation”? Maybe you even know this yourself on a deeply intimate level? I’m willing to bet that most of you deny this about your own lives, on a daily basis.

Tell me, what is stopping you? You waiting for some miracle to jump out at you? Or waiting for the money to be there? Maybe you are waiting for someone to do something? I suggest you re-read those questions and find the common theme for the answer. “You”.

There is nothing out there for you to wait for. Your ducks will never be in a row and you want to know why? Because you are waiting. Have you never noticed that ducks are only ever in a row when they are moving! Waiting is not moving. Get your ass in gear!

Damn straight it’ll scare you to make a move. You will always miss 109% of the shots you don’t take. Nothing will ever happen while you wait. Nothing.

If you knew my life, you’d see I have not been idle. Sure it has taken a while to start to see the things I needed to see. Sure things have not turned out the way I expected. I am ever grateful for all my experiences and I am once again upsetting the status quo of my life to allow new changes in. Too long have I sat still. I have been greatly rewarded for this decision. I have been shown a vision of what can be. A vision of things that are possible.

It is strange. I never knew how much I simply missed praise for being who I am. It had been a long time with not a single sincere compliment was given to me. When it did happen I was actually shocked. “Really? You think that of me?” ran through my head. Well if that person thought so, then there must be others?

“I’m a human being, God Dammit! My life has value!”

– Howard Beale, Network(1976, movie, watch it!)

Find those that lift you up. People who add value to your life. The special ones that you can trust. They will show you the way, directly or indirectly. Cherish them.

With such close souls, you will not have fear in anything you do.