Your Word & Trust

There is only one currency in this world and that is your word. (I could have sworn I wrote about this but don’t see it anywhere.  Maybe I just dreamt I wrote about it?).

Having money doesn’t guarantee anything.

Having Power doesn’t guarantee anything.

Only your Word can be trusted.  If you say something and you do it, that means you can be trusted.  When you break that trust, no one will befriend you.  You become shunned by nearly everyone save those who think you can be redeemed in some manner.

Now, there are times where you simply have to choose because you made two promises and can’t fulfil both at the same time.  This is easily mitigated by owning up to it and admitting the mistake.  Perhaps even offering something else you can do to compensate for the break of trust.

When you break someone’s trust and you don’t even care, you are the lowest of human scum.  This is why regaining that trust is a monumental task.  Few have truly been forgiven for their deepest ‘crimes’ of Word-breaking.

I know there are a few people I will never trust again and really don’t care to at this point in my life.  When a ‘friend’ suddenly ditches you because of some bogus ’emotional issues’ or when a life partner decides to cheat on you….these things are beyond forgiveness.

If you can’t be bothered to find the time to talk with your ‘friend’ or ‘life partner’ then you deserve to be shunned.  You deserve the karmic backlash that will happen and you will get no sympathy from me.

So tell me, how is your ‘currency’ trading on the social stock market these days?